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Effective Outbound & Inbound Email Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Next Gen Email Lead Generation Solutions

Finding new customers is probably the #1 challenge faced by business persons,  top-level executives, start-ups etc. Emails are one of the most cost-effective channels for reaching out to prospective customers. Email Marketing is both an art and a science. Lead generation via email is time-consuming and requires persistence.

We can help you send out non-spammy, professional and targeted emails to your potential customers. Let us handle your email marketing for you while you focus on managing your business.

Leverage best practices to get industry leading open and response rates

We analyze every minute detail at each step of the process

  • At what time and day should I send out my campaign to see best results?
  • What should I put in the subject line?
  • What should I put as the email preview text? Is it better to give away too much or too little?
  • How should I draft my email so that readers don’t just reach for the ‘delete’ button?
  • Am I compliant with the email marketing regulations in my country of business?
  • What should I put in my email signature? Should it have my picture, address, name, website or anything more?
  • What should be my lead magnet?
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Building the List

Whether it is collecting the data of customers visiting your website or identifying prospective customers in your target area, we work with you to identify the best method to build your list.

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The Personal Touch

We make every possible effort to ensure that our communication is personalized, honest and straight-forward. No one likes a pushy salesy email and we keep that in mind while drafting our emails.

Digital Lead Generation
Identifying Your Lead Magnet

You need to give your recipients a ‘good reason’ to sign up for your emails or read them. We work with you to determine the best lead magnet based on your skills, value to the audience and gaps in the market.

Website Analytics
Execution & Analytics

An effective email marketing campaign requires using a robust email platform and an in-depth analysis of the results. We help you chose the best fit platform and derive actionable campaign insights. 

Why Choose Us?

Our results speak for themselves! We have helped several clients reach industry-leading email campaign open rates. We have a proven track record of generating credible leads for multiple businesses.

  • Complete end to end support – we manage the complete process for you from start to end
  • Research and experience backed insights
  • Honest, no-nonsense and direct approach