Clerical Support Services

Clerical Support for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Customizable & Affordable Staffing Solutions You Can Depend Upon

Large corporations in the industry have been outsourcing and off-shoring many business functions at a significant competitive advantage for years.

We now offer the customization and attention to detail large outsourcers do not and cannot offer to the small and medium-sized business. We are a small, highly customizable resource that is attracted and interested in levels of business as small as a few hours of work per day.

Most of the large outsourcing companies are looking for a customer who will need several full-time equivalents before they show interest. A few hours makes you an important customer to us. We want to help you grow and grow our business with you. A true partnership that will save you money and improve quality.

Don’t fall further behind your competitors because you can’t afford to keep up with the latest in technology, creativity, and innovative cost containment. With the rising cost of regulation and employee benefits, time offs, FMLA vacations and sick and personal days, it becomes nearly impossible to cover the clerical and administrative workload. With universal $15 per hour minimum wages just around the corner, derive compelling savings with our inexpensive hourly rates. 

Give us an opportunity to engage with you for a couple of hours to learn a few functions, so that we can be your insurance policy when an employee goes on leave, quits, etc. We can temporarily or permanently pick up the slack so your customers and business do not suffer. All at a very surprisingly cost-effective price.


Don Johnson DGJ Consulting

I can always count on the SHJ team to provide the required support for my clients. Whether it’s assistance from their technology team or just basic administrative work, I know that their team will provide my clients with thorough and accurate processes and technology.

President at DGJ Consulting
Steven Kerbis

I have been utilizing SHJ’s customized development, technological solutions and clerical services for 3 years to meet my client needs and enhance the value and offering I bring to the table. No matter how large or small the task, you won’t find a more responsive and committed organization from top to bottom. My business opportunities have grown because of SHJ.

Director at All-In Solutions
Robert Obee

Integrity, quick results, low-cost with high-payback. Unique combination of business and tech savvy. Can develop advanced applications at a fraction of cost and time that competitors require.

Owner at Businessolutions